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Paulette Bogan’s Author Visit Information

Prepare for a Great Author Visit!

If you are interested in scheduling a school, library or conference visit

please contact Paulette at:


Get the students involved!

  • Provide copies of Paulette’s books to each classroom. When students read the

         book before her visit, it makes for great discussions.


  •   Speaking of discussions, have the students prepare questions in advance!


  •   Create posters for Paulette’s visit using characters from her books.

  •   Download and print out Paulette’s Activity & Coloring Pages


         Unsinkable Gus Activity Pages •  Virgil & Owen Coloring Pages


                                     Bossy Flossy Coloring Pages


  •   Take lots of pictures during Paulette’s visit.


  •   Have books available for Paulette to sign! Children love to have a book

        signed by a “Real Live Author” that they have actually met.

        A signed book is a great memento.


        Many bookstores provide an education discount. Check your local

        bookstore. Or you can order directly from the publishers with an

        education discount. It can be a great way for schools and libraries to

        generate extra money.

MacMillan: Henry Holt and Company Titles




Imprint: Henry Holt and Co.


MacMillan: Bloomsbury Titles



ISBN: 9781619633735 Imprint: Bloomsbury USA Childrens Hardcover


ISBN: 9781619633728 Imprint: Bloomsbury USA Childrens Hardcover


ISBN: 9781599900995 Imprint: Bloomsbury USA Childrens Hardcover

Download, print and customize for your school! • Book Order Form

Deborah Politziner – Librarian

Kent Place School, New Jersey


“Paulette Bogan’s author visit was delightful! One of the highlights of the visit was when Paulette talked about how she illustrates books. She took the children’s requests and drew many pictures for them, which she then signed and gave out to the classroom teachers.”

Kathleen Meulen – Head Librarian

Marymount School, New York City


“Almost a year after our Book Fair, a grandparent of a student explained to me that “Goodnight Lulu” is still her granddaughter’s first choice for a bedtime read.”

Eden Stewart-Eisman, Head Librarian

St. Luke’s School, NYC


“The children love to interact with Paulette and are eager to engage in her presentations. One of the most special aspects of Paulette’s presentation is her ability to communicate to children that they can pursue their hobbies, loves, and interests, as careers.”

Some Nitty Gritty Info

Maximum three visits in a day, usually about 45 minutes long. (shorter for kindergarten and younger)

Order books 4-6 weeks ahead of time.

Equipment needed:

  • school laptop hooked to a PowerPoint projector and screen
  • remote for projector
  • microphone (wireless, clip on if possible) (It is important that I have a microphone preferably a clip on if possible. I'm loud, but not that loud.)
  • easel
  • large pad of paper (18 x 24 or so)
  • thick dark markers


(I will be bringing a flash drive with PowerPoint presentation)

If you do not have a projector and would like to do smaller classroom visits, I can read to them and draw for them as well.

Learning to draw:

clipboard for each child paper


If using coloring pages:


printed pages


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