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Step inside the lots-of-time machine, where everyone has lots of time to play―and love to share―in this charming picture book.


Fifi the raccoon is trying desperately to get her family to play with her. But everyone is too busy, busy, busy! What’s a girl to do? Together with her dog, Felix, Fifi comes up with an idea―one that will bring them all together and give them lots of time to play: it’s a lots-of-time machine! But what happens when Fifi’s brilliant idea doesn’t go quite as planned? Can Fifi and her family find a way to be busy...together? Find out in this endearing and relatable family story.


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(The bathroom. I love drawing bathrooms.)

(Fifi's Bedroom)

(Inside of the lots-of-time machine)

(cover sketch)

(work in progress - watercolors!)

(inside the studio)

(there's that bathroom again...)

(Ruby helping)

(Tape sculpture)

(Ruby needing a nap after all that hard work)

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