Written and Illustrated by Paulette Bogan Lulu the Big Little Chick Goodnight Lulu Momma's Magical Purse

Lulu is tired of being a little chicken. Everyone on the farm says she is just too little to do anything!


Surely, if she went far, far away, it would be better. But when Lulu sets out for far, far away, she has to leave Momma and everything else behind...


Bloomsbury 2009


* Honorable Mention - New England Book

   Festival 2011

It is time for bed and Lulu is worried. What if a bear comes into the room? Or a tiger? Or even an alligator?


Will Lulu's ever-resourceful mother be able to convince Lulu that there is absolutely nothing to worry about?


A humorous and reassuring bedtime story that guarantees a good night's sleep!


Bloomsbury 2003


* A Children’s Book of the Month Main Selection


* Brought to life on stage at the Sunset Playhouse

   in Milwaukee

Rachael, Cousin David and Momma set off one day for a nice walk in the park. But are they prepared for accidents? Injuries? Rain? Lunchtime? Major rescues?


It's amazing what Momma keeps in her purse for just such emergencies...but is the purse actually magical?


Bloomsbury 2004

Spike Spike in the City Spike in the Kennel

Spike has been a dog for six years now.


All he ever did was run and jump and play frisbee. It was so boring!


He wanted to be someone else.


ANYONE else!


Putnam 1998

Spike is taking his first trip to the big city!


Everything seems so exciting..


But when Spike gets tied to a parking meter, steps in chewing gum and gets lost......


Putnam 2001


* CBC Children’s Choice Award


* Society of Illustrators Children's

   Book original Art Show

Spike in Trouble

Spike is going to the kennel for the very first time. And it's scary!


He's surrounded by dogs he doesn't know and he has to sleep in a cage. Poor Spike!


Will he die of homesickness? Or....


Putnam 2002


* IRA-CBC Children’s Choice


Poor Spike! First he gets blamed for the mess in the backyard, and now he has to go to obedience school.


Luckily, Spike discovers that school is a lot of fun.


But as soon as Spike gets home, someone starts making a mess again!


Putnam 2003

Illustrated by Paulette Bogan Chicks and Salsa Buffalo Wings Amazon Fever

The chickens are tired of eating the same thing every day at Nuthatcher Farm.


The rooster knows only one thing can stop their grumbling..... a FIESTA!


Written by Aaron Reynolds

Bloomsbury USA Childrens 2007


* Book Sense Children's Pick 2005

The rooster is sure that Buffalo Wings would be perfect for the big game.


His quest to find a certain missing ingredient to the recipe is full of surprises and unexpected adventures.


Written by Aaron Reynolds

Bloomsbury USA Childrens 2008

Fossil Fever

Jeff’s Uncle Roy runs a museum.


That means he’s always zooming off to strange places to find ruins and treasure. But Jeff has never gone along—until now.


They’re headed to the Sahara desert to search for dinosaur fossils. And Jeff knows he’ll find the bones of the biggest meat-eater ever!


Random House 2000

Jeff and Uncle Roy are off on their next adventure, to the steamy Amazon Jungle. Jeff can't wait.


Maybe they'll track down crocodiles or poisonous snakes or jaguars for Uncle Roy's museum.


Wrong! On this trip, Uncle Roy is looking for.......butterflies.




Random House 2001

Bossy Flossy Virgil & Owen Stick Together Virgil & Owen

Flossy is the bossiest girl around. She's bossy at home and she's bossy in school. She's bossy with her friends, and sometimes she's even bossy to her teacher! Well-meaning Flossy doesn't understand why no one will listen to her.


Then Flossy meets Edward, a boy who is just as bossy as Flossy.


Henry Holt & Co. 2016

Virgil and Owen are best friends! But sometimes even best friends can be very different. Virgil loves to be the first one to school. Owen likes to take his time. Virgil always raises his hand the fastest. Owen likes to think things through. One day Virgil hurries Owen a bit too much, and their friendship is suddenly on thin ice. Will Virgil be able to see that a little patience goes a long way between friends?


Bloomsbury USA Childrens 2016


* A Mom's Choice Award Winner

When Virgil the penguin finds a lost polar bear, Owen, he wants Owen all to himself. He will be the only penguin with a polar bear as a best friend! But then Owen plays with everyone else on the iceberg!


Isn't Owen supposed to be Virgil's friend and Virgil's friend only?


Bloomsbury USA Childrens 2015


* A Mom's Choice Award Winner

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